Learn Cake Decorating with these Online Cake Decorating Tutorials

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Do you think it is difficult to learn cake decorating? Have you always been interested in cakes but a little too scared to dive into decorating? Or perhaps you are feeling a little overwhelmed at the techniques of decorating!

This website will show you all the basics of decorating cakes
  • from baking a delicious cake that your guests will love
  • to making creamy icing that will be a great finish
  • moving on to how to frost a cake
  • to learning decorating techniques such as stars, shell borders to roses and flowers
We'll also help you learn basic and easy decorating ideas and tips with many online cake decorating tutorials. These ideas will give you a finished creation that may surprise yourself how easily you put your decorated cake together.

Even if you are an experienced decorator, you never know what great new trick or technique you might find or share with others!

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About Learn Cake Decorating

Whether you are looking for birthday cake designs or simple cake decorating ideas, we have a cake gallery to help inspire each other. Sometimes all we decorators need is an idea of what to do for designing a cake and that is what the gallery is for.

If you have a theme party you are working on this is a great place for getting new birthday cake decorating ideas. This also makes a great opportunity for you to share your creations with others as well so help pay it forward!

After you master decorating basics, you are on your way to years of fun (and even money-saving) with your skill of decorating. You could even do what many people have done and start your own decorating business. 

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Just remember like most things in life, it takes practice to learn cake decorating. Do not get frustrated if that first cake you bake is lopsided or your icing is runny. These things happen, and the good news is they can also be fixed. Our website goal is to help you be successful in every aspect of decorating cakes.

Decorating is a hobby that has been around for years- just check out the history of cake decorating! Yet it has improved, simplified and become more popular year by year.

Have fun looking around the site.  You never know what decorating tips you might learn while you're here!

I am so grateful for your EXCELLENT and informative website. What an amazing job you have done giving such detailed information. I have never come across a better teaching tool anywhere!!

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I am getting ready to do a cake for my godson's baptism and am really stressed. Correction, I WAS stressed.

Thank you again.

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